So why are we here?

With hundreds, if not thousands of computer security blogs avaliable, why do we need one more you may ask?

Google “Enterprise Security” and on a good day you’ll have 13 million things to choose from.  Thanks to SEO, the odds of anything being releveant to your business IT environment, rather than a sales pitch or academic research are far from even. 

Canada may be a large country physically, but our small population makes us far less interesting to panels of experts who dispense “best practice” advise for every facet of business and information technology.  

A search for “Canadian Enterprise Security” brings back a meager 234,000 responses, and Google finds most of them because the international firm does business internationally and we show up between  Brazil and the Dominican Republic.

Search for Canadian Enterprise Security

The ironic thing is Canada is a G8 country, and thanks to the educated population, vast distances, a robust  entrepreneurial economy and so on,  I.T. is a big part of business in Canada.  We can’t say no one ever thinks about the Canadian IT industry and it’s unique needs  on the international stage,  but we are a secondary market for most international companies  because we just don’t buy enough of anything to make their quarter, let alone their year.

 As usual, we Canucks tend to just politely go about our business and not talk too much about what we are doing.  Finding ways to make things work with what ever feature requests make it into the products we use every day.  

The authors and contributors to this blog all work with primarily Canadian firms, government entities and non-profits.  Rather than flag waving for the sake of putting Canada top of mind, — we let our hockey teams do that –;   when relevant changes need to made to a security solution or practice so it works in Canada  it will be noted.

We welcome feedback and questions from other Canadian I.T. professionals and Canadian business owners, directors and managers.  There is a lot of FUD in this business and where possible we’ll tell it like it is, even if that means setting up the lab to geek out a bit and find out the answer ourselves.

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